Exhange rates: EUR and Cryptocurrency



During the weekend the exchange rates (including cryptocurrency) are subjected to other fees?

I exchanged £ 15 to € 17.10 on Thursday night (1 GBP = 1.14 EUR). I simulated an exchange back to GBP, it worked well (yes, I got the same £ 15, great!, 1 GBP = EUR 1.14). It was the current market rate at that time. Very good!

Today I bought ETH for £ 521. When I simulated an exchange to GBP again, I got the £ 497 rate! (no changes during that moment, I did the simulation at the same time I bought ETH)

Also did the same with GBP <-> EUR: sell: 1.1269, buy: 1.143 !! Currently rate: 1 GBP = 1.1338 EUR

On Thursday I got EXACTLY the same rate GBP/EUR for buy and sell: 1.14, the market rate at the time I did the transaction.

So, the question is: during the weekend we have more fees that usual?


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