Excluding transactions from analytics

What I want is the option to exclude certains transactions from the analytics view. There are many reasons you would like to exclude a transaction, but some of themc can be that they are business transaction, buying something for someone else, a one of purchase or simply that you’re paying your large tuition cost which only happens twice a year. Monzo handles this gracefully by giving users the option straight from the transaction page.

Good idea, +1 :slight_smile:

In the latest update to iOS and Android you can now exclude certain transactions from analytics and budget. Finally.

Can I know why this option was taken off? Because for me and I strongly believe that for others too this option to be able to exclude an exception transaction from your Analytics was a handy feature and to not screw your Monthly Budget. And I hope the answer will not be: But you can still Hide it and it solve the problem. Cuz it’s absurd to have exceptional payments which I have to hide them from “Account” (All transactions) just to be sure that it doesn’t effect my Monthly Budget. The Analytics / Monthly Budget was the most useful feature for me and not that I can’t have it right anymore not sure that this app is so useful for me anymore.

Is it just me or this option disappeared again in the latest version? I do not have the option to exclude transactions from Analytics

again, see: Lost ability to toggle transactions out of analytics