Exclude currency from payment

today it happend to me, that i had not enough money in my EUR account. But i had enough ein my ETH. So, Revolut took the ETH to make my credit card payment.

In a support chat i was suggested to deactivate the ETH account, if i don’t like this behavior. I’m sure this works, but is not really a good solution.
Since i deactivated the ETH account, it is not listed in my existing accounts any more. It’s also not listed on top position of the deactivated accounts in the dashboard, where it should be on #1 because there still is money in the account.

@Revolut, Please give us a switch, where we can select, which accounts can automatically be used for credit card payments, if the main account dose not have enough funds.
Also make deactivated accounts with a value of more than 0 more visible.


I think this is a good idea, but I am against another switch. This would make things too complicated. Things should be kept simple.

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Please no - I have 9円 in an account and I don’t need that displaying alongside my other currencies