Exchanging EUR and then withdraw EUR in the EU


Apologies if this a stupid question but I tried looking for a clear answer but I haven’t been able to find one.

I’ve exchanged GBP to EUR on my Revolut app. I haven’t got a premium account so I’m limited to withdrawals of 200 a month fee free. Question is, if I withdraw those euros in the EU am I charged a fee by the individual bank/atm or would it be fee free given im withdrawing euros in a country that uses euros.

Thanks in advance!


Your withdrawal should be without any fees,but some ATM do charge a fee.
Depends on each country.



There are some ATMs as far as I know, which do charge you aside from the fee of Revolut, but if you find an ATM which doesn’t charge you, there shouldn’t be any charge up to 200EUR.


So some euro banks will charge me a fee to withdraw euros?!?

Thanks for the info!


One of them is Euronet.


They charge a fee or dont?


They charge a hefty fee of 5€ per withdrawal for foreign issued cards (like Revolut)