Exchanging ~100k€ with Revolut and transfering it to an EU account?


I need tens of thousands EUR to be converted to HUF and transfered to a Hungarian account. The money is currently sitting in 3 different accounts in EU banks (all the accounts are under my name). The business I’d like to make can only be done in HUF, so exchanging is a must.

One of the options I have: is to transfer the € directly to my Hungarian account and let my bank convert it to HUF. This is super risk free and quick, but I lose ~2% on the exchange rates immediately, which is quite painful at this amount.

I’d like to understand if I have a cheaper option with Revolut. As far as I understand Revolut Premium comes with unlimited FX so hypothetically I can transfer the money to my Revolut account, exchange it to HUF and then transfer to Hungary.

The question I have is if its possible that Revolut will freeze my account if such a volume of money flows in and out in a very short timeframe (maybe money laundering). Cause of course, it would be great to save that 2% but its hell lot better to pay 2% than to fail the business.

I know that you guys dont have a crystal ball to tell me 100% sure about whats gonna happen. Rather then that I’d like to hear what your common sense suggests.

Let me know your thoughts!

ps: no, its not money laundering :slight_smile:

You should try TransferWise it’s kind of what it’s meant for

Yes, Revolut can freeze your account until you show them how you earn that money. And you have to explain with a live agent.