Exchange Rates - All You Need To Know 😉

We all know the term “Exchange Rate” but there are many things about exchange rate which you may not know.:money_mouth_face: So, I decided to let you guys know about those details. Let’s check out.

What is an Exchange Rate? It’s a way to describe how the value of one country’s currency compares to another country’s currency.:money_with_wings:

Exchange rates are usually labelled with the currency codes of the two currencies being compared. For example, GBP/USD exchange rate. The first currency listed is the one being purchased.

The number describes the price of one currency in terms of the other currency. So, GBP/USD exchange rate is 1.32 means you need to pay USD$132 to purchase GBP£100. :atm:

Why are exchange rates important? If you are travelling somewhere in the world, no matter whether that’s for a short time or long time, you need to be aware of the exchange rates when converting or spending the money. They also play a major role when you are transferring money internationally.:moneybag:

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Why do exchange rates change? Exchange rates are floating all the time as foreign exchange traders buy and sell currencies. When a currency appreciates, its exchange rate with another currency increases and more of the foreign currency is needed to buy one unit. If a currency depreciates in value, that means its exchange rate with a foreign currency goes down and less of the foreign currency is needed to buy one unit.:abacus:

Where can you see exchange rates? You can use our foreign currency converter widget to compare current exchange rates across all the currencies of the world.:earth_africa:

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You didn’t mention the effect of Spread on exchange rates…

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