Exchange rate


The exchange rate GBP EUR looks to be 2,5 points less than the real one, is it a bug or a new change?


It’s the weekend, Revolut applies 0,5% markup to the major currencies (USD; EUR; GPB), a 1% markup on all other currencies and a 1,5% on illiquid currencies (RUB; THB)


Thanks didn’t know that, hope will be better tomorrow as Monday.


“At the weekend (Friday 23:59 - Sunday 23:59) we apply a small mark up on the spot rate as the Forex markets are closed. We take the rate from Friday 23:59 and apply a 0.5% mark up on major currencies and 1.0% on other currencies to protect the company from potential losses due to a large fluctuation in the rate. For illiquid currencies like Russian Ruble and Thai Baht, there is 1.5% mark up on weekend.”