Exchange rate


I ordered on Amazon to pay in GPB. Before and after the transaction I checked the Euro amount and it came to €15.86. However when the transaction came through on my Revolut account the amount was €16.03.


What do you mean by “ordered to pay”? Did you make your purchase on


I ordered something on and specified the payment in
pounds option instead of the pay in euro option (which was about 80
cent more expensive)


Ordering on would automatically charge you in pounds AFAIK. Did you have enough funds in your GBP account? What was the currency of the invoice?


How is it that everybody is sure of themselves? Amazon as a default
offer me, an non-British resident, a Euro pay option which you can
change to payment in pounds. As I said in my post Amazon offered me
the option of paying euro 16.59 for a purchase costing pound 14.07
while the Revolut exchanger gave me a euro price of 15.86 for the
£14.07. The transaction came through on my card as euro16.03


How is it that people always expect others to have a crystal ball with them? So in what currency did you eventually pay? GBP or EUR? I assume GBP and you were charged 14.07, right? As it seems that was charged against your EUR balance, that would be (right now) EUR 15.86. That is the same amount you mentioned, though when did you look this up? When was the purchase made? Considering it is about 1%, it could easily be the weekend’s surcharge.


I paid in pounds but the charge came through as euro 16.03 on the
card (instead of the Exchanger amount calculated before and after
as euro15.86). I didn’t think there was any surcharge? Purchase
made today.


Then it was the weekend surcharge


S that’s it. Thank you very much.