Exchange rate notification


The ability to set a exchange rate value Reminder. So we don’t need to look the market rates all the time.

Include Limit Order app function

Or maybe even automatic exchange once a certain limit has been reached? :smile:

Basically that would be like a stopp-loss on the stock market.


The FX market likewise uses limit orders. A stop-loss is where you trade in the direction of the market, and are usually used for closing out a loss-making position, hence the name.


I know, didn’t wanna confuse things and write reverse stop-loss.

the mechanism for making it automated would be similar.


Need to keep in mind that the primary purpose of Revolut is not for short-term currency trading.


Absolutely, but it would be a feature pretty easy to implement and useful if you know months in advance that you are going to place x and want to get that currency at as good rate as you possibly can.

I doubt any serious trader would try to use revolut?


Naturally, day traders would probably use platforms such as IB. On the other hand, people like fee-free ‘trading’. Existence of platforms like Robin Hood attest to this.


Indeed. There are far more appropriate platforms for taking positions, whereby you don’t trade the cash you deposit, but trade many times that amount, whereby the deposited cash is leveraged as collateral.