Exchange rate charting


A simple chart to show the exchange rate over time


Great tool to implement in the “Exchange” section for a more global view, I’m for it too! :clap:


Very good idea! I’m all for it, too! :+1:


From the revolut point of view I don’t see how this could be a tool that benefits the user.
If you really want to know the history of a exchange rate just go online. The only thing that they could have (which I don’t know if they do because I haven’t tried exchanging yet) is the history of your previous exchange rates.

As a user you should only be concerned with the current rate and having a previous rates history do not change/improve your present experience.


Obviously, I can go to Bloomberg/Google to pull off the exchange rate history to see how the current rate compares to the opening, minimum and maximum rate for the day, week etc but (1) Revolut rates are mid-market rates so these are nowhere to be seen on the web and (2) it would be good to keep all info in one place. This info would help me make decision whether to exchange now or wait and get a going rate later on.


But how would this chart make revolut app better for 99% of the users?
you cannot look into the future. how would a chart made from revolut help you make a decision on whether you exchange now or later.
If i need the money now I would use the rate which I am recieving now. Revolut just ensures you that they have one of the best rates (for most currencies with the exception of TBH for example).
Revolut is not a platform for forex trading or similar so, IMHO that addition would just be superfluous.
Just check XE(.com) and revolut should be pretty close to those rates, just a few points off.

TLDR It can be added in a mid/long term, but it is just not needed to provide/improve any service.


Well, I think I can consider myself an average user, and I tell you @Jorgixhallo that a history chart would be really useful to me, to lock-in a particularly good rate when I see it coming. Users tend to plan ahead of time… and then there are frequent travelers that use to go back and forth to specific locations. I think it’s pretty normal to stock some even if you don’t need it now. Who told you 99% of users are tacticians?


Tools that benefit the user always a plus. Especially because one of the main advantages of Revolut is the exchange rate. In fact, you can see a historic exchange rate calculator, with full-on graphs, on their website.