Exchange limits issues - wrong currency for the monthly exchange limit (CZK vs. EUR)

Ask them via chat for refund a fee.

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The chat told me that it was impossible to refund the fee.
I managed to get the fee refunded once with help of AndreasK “as a sign of goodwill”.

But now I am afraid to do another conversion cause they might not refund next time…

Told you what was a reason?
I’ve received refund twice due to issue with exchange limit.

Live agent told me that my hard limit for my account is set to 6000 CZK no matter what the App shows.

According to both info channels, tech team are working hard to improve this so the solution shoold come soon.
After inquiry about update they said this could take some time…

Do you have verified account? If not that is possible reason, because not verified account has much lower limits than verified account.

Of course I have verified account. That was the first thing I did.

My top up limit shows 720 000 CZK / year.
But my FX limit shows 6000 EUR, ATM withdrawal limit 200 EUR.

Agent claims that internal hard limit for my account is 6000 CZK for FX transactions no matter what the currency is or the App shows.
This is a bug and hopefully it will be solved in the next update.

Well it seems that is little bit different… I have same problem but they offered me a refund for my future exchanges (up to free exchange limit in CZK for standart plan) until they fixed that bloody bad bug. But it takes too long time, by other users that bug is at least one month old, propably since they support CZK. New created accounts has correct exchange limits :frowning:

I can just imagine lots of people who are not aware of this bug, they are paying fees incorrectly and they are not refunded. Solid income for Revolut.

Revolut promised to solve this bug two weeks ago. No change until today.

I believe that the agent is wrong, because other agents are well aware of this bug and they are refunding quite fast.

The same here. The new incomers has proper limits in CZK.

What do you mean proper limits?
Newcomers have limits properly set to 6000 EUR equivalent? I.e. 150000 CZK / Month?

120 000 CZK per month is proper exchange limit for standard plan.

@revolut @JessicaZ Can you give us some update about that?

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Yes, the newcomers has already right limits, usually 720k for top up, 120k for exchange and 6k for ATMs.

  • off topic - please, could someone from @revolut team (@JessicaZ) help me with my account? I am not suddenly able to add posts without approval of moderator and mainly, I am not able to send PM to other users. This is very strange, as I am not aware by any behaviour which would be in contrary with Forum conditions. Many thanks.

Still no fix even no estimate or information. :frowning:

Can you please provide some update information from the Tech team?
@JessicaZ or @anon33247966

Aiming to be fixed by then end of the week. Thank you for you patience.

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Wonderful news!
Thank you for this information AndreasK!

Today an email from :r: has arrived.
All Czech accounts have now local limits set for CZK.

I have verfied correct limits for FX and ATM withdrawal in my app.
Big thank you :r: :heart_eyes:


I can confirm that. I received email about change currency and app show limits in CZK at least now. It takes some time but finally the fix came to us so thank you :r:


I will close this post and mark it as “solved”. If any of you is still facing the same issue (you shouldn’t :wink: ) please send me a direct message.

Once again thank you for your feedback and your patience!


Andreas K.

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