Exchange limits issues - wrong currency for the monthly exchange limit (CZK vs. EUR)


I have changed my base currency thanks to the Help center from EUR to CZK. Everything seemed fine but there is some important issue - my exchange monthly limits are somehow distorted. I have exchanged some 3200 CZK this month (cca 130 EUR), but the system thinks, that I have exchanged 3200 EUR.

I did a test few minutes ago and tried to exchange 45 CZK to EUR (which is some 1,77 EUR). But again, Revolut accounted 45 EUR to my monthly exchange limit.

Anybody was facing this issue and can help? Thank you.

Update regarding the bug:

Generally, the bug caused following:

  • Annual top-up limit is ok, set to some 350,000 (around 15,000 EUR) - OK
  • Monthly exchange limit is set to 6000 CZK (not 6000 EUR)
  • Monthly ATM withdrawals are set to max. of 200 CZK (not 200 EUR).


Here somebody reports that now is ok:

Please try reinstall the app


THanks, but it is a completely different issue. Top-up is ok. But exchange does not work properly. When I exchange 1000 CZK, the system registers 1000 EUR instead to my monthly exchange limit.


Report it as a bug :slight_smile:
:r: should fix this :slight_smile:


Bug is similar. Please give it a try- reinstall it :wink:


Reinstall did not work :grimacing: But I try to reach Online help.


Another bug - I paid CZK 300 for the gasoline. It took 12 EUR from my EUR account. But, the system counted 300 EUR to my monthly exchange limit (instead of 300 CZK), so I am very close to 6000 EUR monthly limit. This drives me crazy.


Have you spoken with support regarding this problem? :slight_smile:


I am trying to reach them, but no response for more than 24 hours…


Try to type in chat : resolved and then live agent to get past chatbot …
Someone should pick up on this …


Hi there. Our tech team is investigating and we will provide you with an update accordingly. Thanks for your patience!


So generally, the bug caused following:

  • Monthly exchange limit is set to 6000 CZK (not 6000 EUR)
  • Monthly ATM withdrawals are set to max. of 200 CZK (not 200 EUR).

But the support is at least refunding the fees that are now connected to the excessive payments.

Hope, this will be solved in few days.


I think I had this happen to me as well. Just exchanged about 7677 CZK to 300 EUR and had to pay the fee. It was about 8 CZK but still.


It seems tech team well know about this issue and Revolut is refunding such a fee.


Still pending…


Jessica, can you push the investigation? Almost week and no change. I have suggested to put the base currency back to EUR if the bug is not solved.

Originally, my base currency was EUR without any issues.


Better ping @AndreasK, Jessica seems to work on weekends only.


Thanks @alessandro

So maybe one bug to be solved with @AndreasK - could you please look at it for me? I am in touch with support, but still no change.

The bug is evident, but I have no clue how hard is to solve this.


Yes, would be nice to get it solved ASAP


No problem here, created first euro account and then czech account. The limits are in euros for me.