Exchange EUR to USD to save money


Hi there,
I have a renewal of a YNAB subscription incoming next month, which will be in USD. My plan now is the following:

  • topup my EUR account with enough EUR (as this is my base currency)
  • exchange EUR to the sum needed to pay the subscription in USD (as the USD is pretty weak right now)
  • tell YNAB to use my Revolut CC

Now the questions are:

  1. Does it matter if I use the virtual or physical CC for this, i.e. is it possible that one has a higher chance of being rejected than the other?
  2. Will the amount be deducted from my USD account as long as there is enough money on it or do I have to do sth manually before?

Thanks in advance for any hints and tips


It shouldn’t matter what card you add to YNAB.

If YNAB charges you in USD then it will be taken from your USD balance.


It doesn’t matter which card you use.
Yes, in described situation USD account will be deducted.


Thank you @henrikbjorn and @redi for your replies. Then I will proceed as planned