Exchange conversion

Hi there,
I’m new to Revolut.
I recently opened an account (British) and deposited £100. I then exchanged £50 in to Turkish Lira as the exchange rate is so good.
So now I have a British and Turkish account.
My question is, if I travel to Turkey in the coming months, will my Revolut visa card default to the local currency and debit the Turkish Lira I exchanged?
I hope this is the case as I don’t want it to debit from my British account.
Can someone clarify for me please?

Much appreciated,

I suggest to start using Revolut from reading faq…

This is somehow stupid. At first: TYR is in free fall and the rate will be even better in 4 weeks. :joy:

Secondly: what @redi wrote.
Purchase over 50 TYR and :r: will use your GBP account. Purchase under 50 TYR and your converted account will be used.

Revolut does not give a fair fx to TRY.

Looks OK to me.
What makes you say that?

For the sake of good order :slight_smile: the OP was talking about 50 pounds, so that should be by now roughly a 500,000 turkish lira :wink:

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My bad. But he might have gotten the same amount for 40£ in 2-3 weeks. :stuck_out_tongue:
Foods are already 20% more expensive than last year.

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Thanks for your lovely reply Laurenz_L

Sorry, but at least I mixed it with some info. :man_shrugging:t3: