EXCHANGE BUTTON, In Cryptocurrencies.


Hi Everyone,
I was transacting some BTC a few days ago, I was in the ‘BUY-SELL’ Screen.

I had finished using the app and ‘Flicked’ the app off ( I have an iPhone) whilst doing
so my finger accidentally brushed the ‘EXCHANGE’ button, It exchanged when BTC was in a low, IE, I lost about £50.00 fortunately not a huge amount but £50.00 is Lunch.

I think there should be a ‘Failsafe’ such as Once you hit ‘EXCHANGE’ another window should pop up asking you to CONFIRM the Exchange.

What do you think, Has anyone else done this?


Hi there,

I understand the problem, but I think :r: has this process simply because the rate changes every second or so.
If they add a failsafe button, it means they will probably need to:

  • add a “please confirm within 10 seconds for this rate: xxx” message in the confirm page
  • remove a % from the rate they give us, to account for the potential drop while people take the time to confirm.

I personally never had any problem with the UI and never exchanged any currency (fiat or crypto) by accident.


I agree totally with you, I think most people will accept a 10-second delay, BTC is not going to move that much in that time period.
As mentioned it was my mistake, I was in the ’ BTC–GBP’ Exchange screen, went to exit the app, ( iPhone) and my finger brushed the ‘EXCHANGE’ and lost ± £30.00 ( Grrrrr)
NOW, much more carefull.


Maybe a better way to do it, instead of a failsafe/confirm screen, would simply be to ask for a 2nd confirmation with another button right below or some kind of sweet animation on the existing button…

We’ll see what other people think :slight_smile:


Whatever they can implement will be an improvement, Most other sites dealing in Crypto or cash transfers have a ‘Confirm’


Hello evrybody

I have a question. Can i change cripto curenties in dollar or euro with a premium card?


If your question is that you want to transfer to a crypto address into Revolut first and then exchange it into USD or EUR, then the answer is no. You might want to check out the blog article about Revolut’s crypto service, you can read what you can and what you cannot do right now there.

If you’re asking if you can make card payments in USD (or any supported currency) with crypto held in your Revolut wallet, then the answer would be yes, as long as you’re above the exchange limit for crypto, which is around 10 USD, I believe.


Thanks Frank, i’ll Bear that in mind.


Okey i understand. And can i withdraw USD or EUR from coinbase to revolut account?


I don’t know much about Coinbase. Sorry. Personal accounts are available for GBP and EUR. All other accounts are pooled accounts where a reference code is needed to allocate the money, similar to how one sends money to Coinbase, right?


That i dont know, but the coinbase implore the 3D secur bank or credit card with the withdrawal. And i dont know that the revolut card is 3D secur or no.


It’s not. Revolut does not offer 3D secure right now.


Ooh okey. Thank you the fast answer.


I wanted to get this topic up again. I’m using the app since a while now and I’m not really happy that I have to be careful when using it.

Why don’t you implement a slider button? You can’t accidentally tap on it. There won’t be a delay changing money or crypto. You slide from left to right and when you take the finger off, the money will be changed at this moment.


In fact I posed this very question about 18 months ago,
I was watching BTC and had a couple of thousand sell as BTC started to rise,
Revolut was open at ‘SELL’
I left my phone on the table, made coffee, Returned to the lounge Chihuahua on the table trod on the ‘Sell’ and I lost A couple of hundred £.

I wrote to ‘R’ about a ‘Are you sure’ button holding the price for ± 2 seconds as a ‘Failsafe’.

I received no reply,

IF i’m Price watching crypto I have my app open on the negative side, so you can’t accidentally buy/sell.


Wait. Your dog sold your Bitcoin?! :rofl: