Exchange between accounts

Can you exchange between accounts, say from USD to EUR, so you can make a EUR payment directly from the EUR account (which had 0 balance)?

Asking because of the following scenario. I have USD and EUR accounts, the USD one has money in it, the EUR one does not. I need to make a EUR payment within EU, and I want to use the EUR account, not the USD account (I know Revolut exchanges automatically).

The reason for this is that, if I select the USD account, it says the payment is expected to arrive one day later than from the EUR account. My goal is for that payment to arrive asap.

Check Help Center for how to exchange currencies easily. :wink:

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This is pretty embarrassing, there’s a dedicated section about this in the Business Help Center. Thanks @Frank.

Exchanging currencies

You can easily exchange money by clicking on the ‘Exchange’ function in the portal. You can then chose which currencies to exchange and it will tell you the live rate before you execute the exchange.

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Don’t be embarrassed. Happy exchanging!


My questions is slightly related (we are new in Revolut) -> Are there any limits for exchanges done via Revolut Business account? Or are there only limits for in/out transactions? Thank you.

Thank you @Kate77 for your question. In general, there is no limit for exchanges within business account. Further limits for transactions can be reviewed here