Exchange before or after?


I’m a little confused on how to use.
Let’s say I have £500 loaded.

Do I exchange some or all BEFORE I travel?

What of I don’t exchange. Do I get money exchanged at the best rate as and when I spend each time?

What do most people do?



You can do both but be aware that if you don’t exchange the money beforehand and you spend with the card on weekends there is a mark-up fee for the exchange so if you are in the country for longer period of time it might be better to exchange some before.


What happens if I exchange on a weekend? Does something similar happen?
Needed for early Monday morning.
Let me know


You should really check out the FAQ. As I said you can exchange currencies on the weekend too but for a higher fee.


Yes, check out the FAQs, plenty of useful informations about the product and how things work. Also, search this forum. This topic has been discussed here a lot and it is merely a matter of personal taste whether one wants to exchange beforehand or not. :slight_smile:


As mentioned, it’s up to you when you’d like to Exchange! It can be done in the app prior if it’s one of the supported currencies. Or you can just travel and the exchange will happen for you automatically during the time of the transaction into the local currency!