Every transaction declined


Hi, I’m abroad and I can’t pay with card and through the internet. Could you help me out? Maybe someone have the same problem?


Have you used the card before?


I’ve paid once today, contactless, from this time I can’t do any transaction.


Kamilu Synu Janusza, do you have any message from the app?


Nope, I’ve just write to support and still waiting for answer.


no, no, I mean during transaction.
Have you checked “Security” section if “Online transactions” are allowed?


Just on the terminal and receipt “Transaction declined”. Yes, I’ve turned them off and then back on, but still the same :confused:


I suggest use this card for small withdrawal in ATM


I am currently in South Korea and tried to pay with Revolut twice today. Both transactions declined. I thought it was a local issue with card acceptance but one of the locations was Starbucks in the centre of Seoul where they tried contactless and magstripe with no success while my legacy credit card worked fine.

Anyone else seeing issues with Revolut card acceptance today?


I was trying to get cash at ATM, pay with magnet strip, contactless and putting card into terminal all methods doesn’t work.

  1. Open a new topic (this is another topic)
  2. Contact Support via Twitter
  3. …or via Facebook


We cannot help you with that, as we are a user-driven community. Sorry.


Have same problem. Paid contacless and after that every payment was declined. Just had talk with help line, they reset my card and asked try to pay one more time, but I will try only tomorrow.


Nobody should transfer 22 grand to any bank before ensuring that getting your money back is as easy as depositing it.


You will not lose it. It will just be annoying to get it sorted quickly. You need to go back to your original post on this topic

and stop poting here, please.


You are not asking about your funds, you are spamming the forum and hijack numerous unrelated threads with your issue.

You opened your thread, stick to it.


You are spamming and I explained to you why. Stick to your thread. Period.



I feel sorry for your problem but this a community forum NOT primarily a Revolut help forum.
You will have to contact Revolut via the in app help , Twitter or Facebook.


Yesterday help line reset my card. Today I tried to pay both ways - contactless and chip method - my card still doesn’t work :frowning:


Have you tried an ATM? I believe an ATM with PIN services is necessary to reset and update the chip after it got blocked due to 3 failed PIN attempts.