European Banking Licence 🏦


Are there any updates to when Revolut will have there banking licence in place and can start issuing regular debit cards?


Why is QuQu still able to post after its numerous racist and nonsense comments ?
This is not tolerable to see this kind of useless hate post on a customer support forum of a banking app ! Why can we still see its post even if hidden ? The action taken by moderators is not enough in my opinion.

Now on topic, it’s been around 6 months revolut applied for license, any update ?


@AndreasK Some racist comments going on that report doesn’t seem to fix.


We will review his account right now!


Any news on European Banking Licence? If I remember correctly, Revolut promised to have it in 1Q of this year.


Hi there. I think you are a bit confused. We never said Q1 for banking licence but second half of this year.



Will the Revolut Platinum accounts be available before 1st of July or later?
And will the cards become full Debit instead of Prepaid Debit?


Double checked and “the startup expects to get its license at some point during the first half of 2018”.

Banking Licence, when?

Yes, however, this is not our official communication.


what about the UK licence? has the process been started or you are wishfully waiting for some clarity regarding brexit first?


Tough question to answer in a forum. :grin:


Just for my curiosity: why in Lithunia?
I mean does that mean my next card is issued in the Baltic? Why not NL or DE?



My bet, because Lithuania gives the easiest way possible in whole EU.


So many articles, from many sources are published without your official info? Just gossips? May I see your official statement with time frames then. Please.


Perhaps they don’t :slight_smile:

There is no obligation of communication…


communication with :r: is a privilege you are rarely granted


It’s just around the corner :slight_smile: :slight_smile:


Is a UK banking license planned so we will also have FSCS guarantee ??


What is the likely time line for approval of the European Banking license ??