European Banking Licence 🏦


There are currently 8,000 to 10,000 people opening a Revolut account per day. Users generate $4 billion in monthly transaction volume.

Oh boy!!!



All this time you gave us empty announcements and now there is nothing official about that huge announcement.

After all I love Revolut as it is!


hmmm, interesting:

It’s going to be interesting to see if current accounts will affect growth. It’s currently quite easy to open a Revolut account as users don’t need to go through a lot of KYC processes. This is going to change once the startup starts opening current accounts.


I guess media outlets get the announcements before public does


Great news!!! At least now I found that we have the same IBAN in all currencies!


This is pretty official




As long as we can expect proper debit cards and direct debits…

If this happens, which I hope too, does it mean we will have to replace all our current prepaid Revolut cards?


Right, still can’t touch the unicorn announcements through email and app notifications.
A lot of people doesn’t even know that a revolut community exist.


“Revolut, which launched three years ago, will announce on Thursday that it has been granted a banking licence exactly a year after it lodged its application.” :slight_smile:



Congrats Revolut. Not bring that Apple Pay so we can open the champagne :slight_smile: .


give them just a bit of time. they had to celebrate yesterday and are hungover now :laughing:


Here is a blog post about it:



They already did:


Maybe offtopic but is fscs also available?


Better get your app fixed now then…


Congrats & Kudos to the Revolut Team!!!


@AndreasK , Is this the end of the ridiculous yearly limits? I can’t use Revolut until february due to those limits.