European account with GB Iban

After reading many threads about the Lihuanian Iban account number for European personal accounts, I was surprised to be assigned a GB iban number. I’m from Portugal, I plan to bank transfer some funds through Iban. Will this have an impact on transfering Euros ?

Just doesnt make sense that a GB iban account will actually accept Euros without converting to Pounds and possibly back again to Euros.

I’m confused. If anybody can enlighten me I’d very much appreciate it.

Cheers to everyone

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Hey @Salvasmr :slight_smile:

The Lithuanian EUR IBAN is long gone. The GB EUR IBAN works as expected and doesn’t involve any conversion to GBP :wink:


Thanks @Juliopp for the swift reply

Sorry Im confused I have an Revolution Account in the UK as Im resident here.
I have also and French Account in EUROS and when I create so send money form my french one to th eUK in REVO
The Apps give me and IBAN but starting with GB and aslo states is from UK
I wonder my French Bank are going to charge me as an international transfert

(In Transferwise is different because they gice you and DE form Germany in Euros)

Why REVO does not provided and IBAN in EUROS please ? Am I going to be charged by the FR BANK?

Many Thanks

Transfers in Euro in Europe are handled by the SEPA network.
It does not matter where your IBAN is located as long as the country is a participant of SEPA.
Your french bank should be charging the same amount like for a EUR transfer to another french bank.

You can read more about SEPA here:

Article 3(1) of Regulation (EC) No 924/2009 states:

Charges levied by a payment service provider on a payment service user in respect of cross-border payments of up to EUR 50 000 shall be the same as the charges levied by that payment service provider on payment service users for corresponding national payments of the same value and in the same currency.

Les frais facturés par un prestataire de services de paiement à un utilisateur de services de paiement pour des paiements transfrontaliers d’un montant maximal de 50 000 EUR sont identiques à ceux facturés par ce prestataire de services de paiement aux utilisateurs de services de paiement pour des paiements nationaux correspondants d’un même montant et effectués dans la même monnaie.

The regulation applies to all of the Single Euro Payments Area (SEPA), which includes all EU and EFTA countries, as well as Andorra, Monaco, San Marino and Vatican City. Because the destination country the United Kingdom is in SEPA, a French bank must charge for a transfer in EUR to the UK at the same price as a domestic transfer in EUR within France. The regulation applies to all payments in EUR, irrespective of the national currency of a particular SEPA country.