Euronet Romania ATM - No choice to withdraw EURO without their exchange "shitty" rate


I love Revolut and wanted to withdraw some EURO from Euronet ATM in Romania but unfortunately they oblige you to exchange with their exchange rate (they do not give you the option to withdraw without exchange). Posted this so other people who want to do this not waste their time trying.

EUR Account and German ATM, the withdrawal was converted from GBP to EUR?

Exchange to what? Romania does not have the euro.


They state that Euronet ATM’s in Romania can also give EURO but they force you to accept their exchange rate if you want to. You cannot withdraw directly EURO from Revolut account so be careful.


Exchange rate to what?


Read the terms of service. They are able to give you EUR outside of EUR zone but only if you use non EUR card. So you’re right- there is no possibility to get EUR without fee in such situation.


Most probably GBP

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Withdrawing EUR in the RON area expecting GBP :laughing:


Well Revolut cards have UK BIN so they’re recognized by default as GBP.

Another option btw is to withdraw from BRD POS if it’s about big amounts (just tell them in advance). So you’ll get EUR in cash and exchange them in exchange offices (which in Romania have a very good rate). I used this method while working “in” US and withdrawing USD from a BA card then exchange to RON at an office.
5 years ago BRD was applying a 2% commission which was still acceptable after exchanging USD-RON on exchange office compare to BA exchange rate to RON

But I’m afraid the BRD option doesn’t fits for Revolut as :r: already gives a good rate.


Similarly, in Switzerland, the cash points only offer to withdraw CHF – even if they could give out EUR. But EUR is only offered to EUR-marked cards, so there is no option at all in the end.

There is not much that could be done with the current cards (as Revolut has no influence on Euronet or on the Swiss ATMs I tried out). That said, Revolut plans to give out EUR-based cards (instead of GBP-based cards). No info on when we will see such cards, however. Might take a while.

In the meantime: It is as it is.

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Today I used my Revolut card first time at German ATM… My account is in EUR, however, the ATM paid me out EUR on a GBP exchange rate. Did I do something wrong?


I looks like you’re DCC’s victim.
Please remember that you always have to cancel DCC offer.
And please check if Euronet have counted an surcharge.
Some users in a few countries are reporting that Euronet introduced surcharge for MasterCard from abroad.