EURO transfer to German bank accout

I made a Euro transfer to a German bank account using the IBan/Bic codes for that account. I was expecting to be able to add a reference number to the transfer, but this was not possible. How will the receiving bank know that the transfer has come from me. is there any way to add the reference number to the transfer after the transfer has been made?

Hi! Unfortunately, I don’t think that it would be possible to add a reference after the transfer has already been sent. The receiving bank will most likely return it on its own and then you should try resending the amount with the reference attached by tapping this:

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With a SEPA EUR transfer, your name should appear as the sender, since Revolut switched to unique personal IBANs a while ago. Haven’t tried it myself, though.


Different country (UK), but for the (UK) current account, the account holder’s name should appear for BACS/CHAPS transfers.

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Just had the same issue, as @Kavalier.

@c0stin, the thing is “Add Reference” area seemed to be inactive (I am on iPhone). I tapped multiple times on it but it did not get into edit mode.

@revolut, any suggestions?