EURO Transfer Keeps Getting Bounced Back



I hope someone can help me.
I have chatted with Support multiple times about this, but every time it is the same answer and I’m not really getting anywhere with Support (tbh - I think the revolut support is really really poor and they have never been able to actually solve any of my issues).

I have sent EURO payments to my EURO IBAN several times (about 4 times now) - I have confirmed with the sending back that the payment method is SEPA - but every single time it just gets returned to my sending back.

When I speak to Support they say they have no record of it and it must not be sent via SEPA.
But my sending back has confirmed that it has been sent SEPA and don’t know why it keeps getting rejected.

Any ideas?

I really do like Revolut (it’s pretty awesome apart from support!) and would love to top up my EURO account with EURO, but I just can’t :frowning:


Hi there.

Really sorry to hear you’re experiencing an issue.

Does your bank have some records on this?


No - my bank says they have no error messages or anything.
They have just let me know that it’s been sent by SEPA but it’s been returned.

I’ve sent it several times now and never lands in my account, can you please let me know why?


If you mean does the bank have a record as in a confirmation, then yes I had already sent the confirmation to support.


Hi - do you have any help on this one?


Ok thank you for clarifying this.

Are you able to reach me via a DM?