Euro Transfer Beneficiary is not Allowed



I am based in the UK and I set up a Revolut account to transfer EURO to and from Coinbase UK Limited which has an account in Romania.

I have linked a UK debit card to my Revolut account and made a deposit.

When I attempt to transfer a Euro amount to the Coinbase account I receive a error message stating “Beneficiary is not allowed”.

Can you please tell me what I am doing wrong?



That the same thing I was trying to do and it’s saying the same thing?

Would love some help
Or find out if I am doing something wrong


Hi Tears,

Figured it out.

  1. From main screen (blue one) add top up
  2. You need to top up Euros - I did it originally in GBP which wasn’t being recognised at the other end.
  3. once topped up in EURO (your bank will charge a conversion) the transfer worked fine
  4. Transfer the original GBP amount added in euror back to your bank account


I did top up euros because I can see I only have Euros in my wallet…
I’m very sure I put in the right account 4 coinbase but I will have a look again


Are you transferring from Revolut to Coinbase or the other way round?