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Why do you have a fee of 0,10 euro when I top-up 10 euro to my Revolut euro account with my MasterCard (creditcard) from a Dutch bankaccount?
My “normal” bankcard is free …
Why this 1%?

Hello @SiertW_NL

Topping up in GBP and EUR with a debit card is completely free.

Supporting credit cards and top-ups in USD is expensive for us. We’re working to bring these costs down, but until then we have to charge:

1% per top-up with a credit card
3% per USD top-up with a debit card
4% (1% plus 3%) per USD top-up with a credit card.

I still don´t understand: I top-up 10 EUR to 10 EUR! From MasterCard (NL) to MasterCard (Revolut).

So: don´t see the difference between debitcard (free) and creditcard (1%) top-up in this case:
What´s expensive for you in receiving EUR from EUR?
What´s expensive for you in receiving money via MasterCard from MasterCard?

Merchant fees are different for debit cards compared to credit cards. If your Dutch card is recognized as a credit card by Revolut, the 1% fee for top-ups with credit cards apply.

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When we say that credit cards are expensive we mean that we pay some fees to the payment processors and the issuing banks. So in order to cover this fees we charge 1%.

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:grinning: :+1: @Frank

10 EUR => 10 EUR
MasterCard => MasterCard

I stil don’t understanding the 0,10 EUR (1%) fee!

It’s the difference between MasterCard (CREDIT) vs MasterCard (DEBIT) in this case.

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10 EUR => 10 EUR
Maestro => MasterCard

I stil don’t understanding the 0,00 EUR (0%) fee!

I don’t understand … you always get your money!
(Debit or Credit)

Topping up with Credit cards we pay some fee to the issuing bank, where we don’t by topping up with debit cards.

To cover this fee, there is 1% fee per top up. To avoid this fee you can top up with Debit card or via bank transfer.

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It is not about the 10 EUR. It is about the fees that come with every transaction in the Mastercard network. They are higher for credit cards.

But still I don’t understand …
It’s too bad @anon33247966 Revolut don’t explain. :pensive:

What do you mean @SiertW_NL?

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Well, to be honest, they try to explain it. It is not that complicated:

See, every time you buy something with a card, the merchant has to pay some fees. And these merchant fees are higher with credit cards. These fees are regulated in the EU by the way.

When topping up the Revolut account, it is like paying in a store with a card. Fees apply. And these are higher with credit cards compared to debit cards. Revolt would be the “merchant” here that has to cover the merchant fees.

In a shop, the shop owner calculates these fees into his prices. That is not an option here. Therefore: fees for expensive transactions.

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Your fee … Awfull …

It’s a fee caused by Mastercard. It is regulated in the EU. Should Revolt make a loss every time one tops up?


This information is on our FAQ @SiertW_NL, you can find all the charges.

Check it here:

Not always watching FAQ (like most people).
Why not more explict?
(Profile, bank details or prive plan)