Euro or Sterling Traveling

While obtaining cash at an ATM in Croatia I was offered a sterling exchange, why was I not offered the rate to the Euro

Because it’s a UK issued card. Hopefully you did not accept conversion and withdrew Croatian HRK?

yes, I did withdraw Croation HRK but I was shown the exchange rate to Sterling not Euro, can you explain

Like I said, the system recognizes your card as a UK issued card. Therefore it assumed that your account is GBP. But this is irrelevant. The rate an ATM shows is not the rate you get if you don’t accept the ATM’s currency conversion. You can check the actual rate within the app.

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thank you for the information it is what I suspected but was not certain, you say I always receive the rate to Euro when the transaction is finalized, is that correct

Well, this depends on which currencies you hold in your account. You might want to check out the Help Center, it’s explained there how spending and exchanging works in detail :wink:

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thank you I lodge all amounts in Euro as I live in the Republic of Ireland and we are in the Euro zone