Euro card in uk

Hi all.

I’m from Ireland but live in the UK. For my online playatation I need an irish/euro card or bank account and this may be a solution but I’m not sure.

I only have a euro acount setup on revolut, so if I transfer money to a card will it be a euro card or sterling?

I only plan on using this on my ps4 so I need to know if this will work without wasting the money.

Has anyone done this before or know for sure?

Hey. See this page for information about how funds are deducted.

You do not need a specific kind of card. I use a virtual one for my PS4 on the us store.


Yeah I’ve read that already and get what it says but the whole we take the currency based on your address is what’s throwing me off.

Psn will only allow you to add a paypal/card from ur hone country and you cannot change your country.

If ur in the US you’d need a US card.

I’m in the UK but I need an irish card. Ice tried adding both my uk card and paypal but as it’s from a different country it doesn’t work with my account.

I’m not sure I’m explaining this right, but I do need an irish/euro card.

All Revolut cards are U.K. issued cards at the moment. Unfortunately, merchants that use the issuer code for checking the residency of customers, won’t work outside the U.K.

This is unfortunate, but the real problem here is that companys like Apple and Sony do not care about the special situation in Europe, where customers are free to chose their banking service providers in other countries than their country of residence.

Aye I agree 100%. The problem is witth these companies.

I was hoping this was a way around that issue but looks like not.


Unfortunately, I am not aware of any workaroud except for the usual ones like gift cards.

Yeah that’s what I was afraid of. Gift cards won’t work for PSNOW which is what I’ve been looking to get.

But thanks.