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I am living in Belgium and have opened an EU Revolut bank account. I was curious to know if this was a real personal bank account or some other virtual account that Revolut has created for me.

This is important for me to know because I need to report in my taxes any foreign bank accounts.

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Oohh, good question, I hadn’t thought of that yet. I think we’ll have to declare it, yes.

When you tap on your total amount in the Accounts tab of the app, you can see the IBAN and BIC numbers of your account. Mine is British, as it starts with GB46.

I guess we’ll have to follow these steps:

U kunt uw buitenlandse rekeningen aangeven door het formulier in te vullen op de website van de Nationale Bank van België ( U heeft hiervoor uw elektronische identiteitskaart nodig, uw pincode en een kaartlezer (

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Well you are having a personal IBAN and the account is at Lloyds. :r: has no banking license yet. It should be in the making.

Thanks for the reply Mickdm,

If this is indeed a real bank account the exchange from information will occur automatically between GB & BE. I’ve been talking to the support through the app, she said to me these are pooled accounts so not personal per se, the one thing that differentiates them is the reference number which is used to identify each user.

Hope this helps!