EUR transfers to Coinbase / Kraken / etc (other crypto exchanges) no longer supported?

Hi - it seems that others (including myself) have experienced problems recently in transferring crypto to exchanges

I haven’t found an official post/announcement from Revolut as yet that confirms this, but it seems that this is the case?

Please can an official representative confirm whether or not this is true

I am also sad about that.
I hoped Revolut will be a crypto friendly bank.
I tried transfer Eur to Kraken exchange, and I was told it is not posible anymore.

And I would like to ask from @andreas or anybody from staff,
Is crypto exchanges will be supported when revolut get a banking license?’t-i-do-with-revolut-cryptocurrency/can-i-transfer-my-cryptocurrency-interest-to-another-wallet

This may be helpful

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Also, I had no problems with a SEPA to Coinbase

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That’s strange because i previously i also did not have any problems and this past week i have been unable to do so…

Same situation. I’ve used Revolut in the past to deposit on Kraken … am now getting:

Request for your bank transfer has failed

Due to internal security reasons we no longer support this beneficiary