EUR top up Bank Transfer - Iban Change ?



I have two issues with my recent top-up bank transfer experience.
Last time I add a beneficiary to my French bank account I had a different IBAN than the one currently showed on the app. Unfortunately, I made the bank transfer to the previous IBAN indicated (begining by GB and not LT and LOYD BIC). Is that going to be an issue or not ?

Moreover, I did not have anywhere to put the reference that has to been entered, so I don’t know how is it going to affected to my Revolut account or not ? (I topped up in EUR). The support is not avaialable for at least 6 hours and I have no idea how bad the situation is here. If someone could provide me with some information I would be grateful.

Kind regards


See this thread:


Hi Frank,

Thank you for your return but this is actually not the issue here. I managed to get my IBAN accepted by my French bank and the transfer is on its way. The thing is that I just checked on Revolut by curiosity my details to top-up in EUR and the IBAN was completely different from the one I originally got. It went from GB to LT without me knowing, and I made the bank transfer to the previous IBAN that was shown on Revolut.


Sorry about the previous message. I did check the discussion : I guess that this previous Bank account still is working. Thank you fort that. As mentioned above, I did not have anywhere to put the reference number so I don’t where my money will end up.

Do you have any idea how to fix this ?



What do you do if you want to pay a bill? There has to be a form field where you would put in an invoice number or something. That is where you would put in the reference number.

Without it, support has to manually allocate the money to your account.