EUR to INR Transfers



I see that Revolut already supports EUR, INR topups. However, still I see that EUR to INR transfers are not possible.

Can anybody tell me when would it start ? Because right now, currency exchange services like transferwise still charge huge margins.

It would be great if I can use Revolut to transfer EUR from my European account to INR in my Indian Account.

@AndreasK , could you please let us know about this ?


You can exchange it without any problem (see: my screenshot). Maybe you have provided too small amount…


Yes @redi ,
I can exchange but I am unable to deposit it in my Indian Bank account.

Even their FAQ section, they have not mentioned INR.

You can see in Payments-> Bank Account-> To Myself -> Add Beneficiary -> India and then when you want to select INR it is impossible.


I am sorry, I didn’t understand you properly.
I have checked it, and there is lack of INR transfer in my app too.


@AndreasK any insight on this please ? You have many Indians wanting to use it for money transfer service because of its very good exchange rate. :grinning:


Even I am looking for it. It would be a huge advantage and many NRI’s will start using this apps and i personally could invite more than 10 members…



@AndreasK Any news on this ? Its been a while since I asked this question.


Hi, @AndreasK I seem to have restricted access. I can’t see an option to either convert GBP into INR or send to indian bank account.

I also don’t see android pay top up functionality.

Is there a way to get access to other features? I have already verified my account


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