EUR payment to GBP account


Apologies if this is a stupid question, I think I know the answer but just wanted to check:

I’ve just realized I’ve tried to send a SEPA transfer in EUR to my GBP Revolut account - will this get automatically converted to EUR or will it be rejected?


They rejecting for sure


Thanks, that’s what I thought - my mistake really :expressionless:


What could also happen is that the money will be credited to your GBP account but with fees for the conversion deducted. When I remember correctly, that is what happened to other users in similar circumstances.


Do you mean a shared account maintained in GBP at Lloyds (with IBAN), or your personal British Revolut account? They can behave differently.


It’s the same revolut account but with both EUR and GBP sub-accounts inside it. Not sure if it’s a shared account or not?


Each Revolut client has an account, internally identified by a number called “reference.” This Revolut account can have up to 26 sub-accounts for 26 currencies. For each currency there exist an IBAN common to all Revolut clients. In order for money to be given to the right client, the correct “reference” must be entered for payment. In addition, there is GBP personal account number in UK national format and EUR personal IBAN. If you sent EUR to IBAN = GB47 LOYD 3080 1214 0888 68 + Your “reference”, you sent them to a common GBP account. SEPA payments are allowed for this account. Therefore, Lloyds (not Revolut) is likely to convert a GBP payment into their own rules and credit it to the account.