EUR card recognized as PLN. Will it be charged in PLN?

I have a debit card in EUR that is being shown by Revolut as a PLN card (maybe because it is issued by a Polish bank). When I try topping up in EUR with this card, the app shows a warning about this supposed mismatch.

What will happen if I push through with the top up? Will the card be charged in EUR as I chose in the app? Or will it be charged in PLN as recognized by Revolut?

Revolut recognises country of issuers, that’s why see PLN.
It should be ok.
Please note that Revolut’s card is recognised in PL as a GBP or EUR :wink:

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Thank you very much.

I would then propose that the app should show the card not as “PLN” but as “Poland”. That way this misunderstanding would be avoided.

Apart from that, I don’t understand your last line. What does that mean exactly? When I’m going to pay say 10 PLN, I should still choose to pay in PLN, right?

The last line means that in Poland Revolut’s card is recognised as GBP or EUR card, but is deducted in:

  • PLN - if you have sufficient source on your revolut account- in PLN wallet
  • your national currency (depends on you)- if you have insufficient amount PLN in wallet
  • wallet with the highest amount of money (if you don’t have neither enough PLN, nor in national currency wallet

Please remember about DCC