EUR Card Recognized as another currency card

I have added an EUR card to my app today, in order to top-up my Revolut with some Euro straight from my EUR account. However, after adding the new card, it is not recognized as being an EUR card, but as another card in my national currency (RON). If I try to top-up my Revolut with Euro using this new card, it warns me that the card is not an EUR card, although it is.

Any help, please?


Can’t you just ignore the warning and top up in euro anyway? It’s detected as a RON card because it was issued in Romania. It’s why the Revolut card gets detected as GBP card as it’s issued in the UK

So that mean we cant use EURO ???

Well, when I try to top up it says: “To avoid bank fees you should always top up in the card’s currency. Your card seems to be in RON. Do you still want to top up in EUR?”

Again, my card is NOT in RON and I still don’t get it if it will generate fees or not.

Revolut and other finantial entities assume the currency of the card by the country the card is issued from.

Revolut warns you about fees your bank may charge because it thinks the card is in RON and you’re trying to top up euros.

If you know the card is in euros, you may ignore the warning and proceed with the top up. The fees Revolut warns about are fees your bank would charge for currency conversion if the card was in RON and you were to top up in euro

That’s poor. The Issuer BIN range data (if Revolut buy it from the right source) distinguishes between country of issue and denomination currency.

A quick search did not reveal any BIN database carrying currency information. Can you provide a source for that claim?

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The BIN data I use every day at a payment card acquirer gives currency denomination for cards as well as country of issue.

Country yes, that is not in question. Currency does not seem to be the case, hence the question for a source.

As I say, the BIN range data I use at the payment card acquirer where I work gives us card currency as well as country of issue.

Can you name what service you are using? And have you verified it does not simply return the country’s currency but the one actually assigned to the card (meaning, different from the country’s currency)?


No, I am not in a position to reveal that, but if we can buy the data, so can Revolut.
Yes, I am sure that the currency code is not just derived from the issuing country.

@teomc, I get the same warning, but it will topup with euro and no fees from my bank(ING RO)

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Thanks, everyone, I will top it up and see what happens.

I checked again today, and we get both card denomination currency and card billing currency, as well as the country of issue, in our issuer BIN range data.

Hard to believe without source…

Excuse me? Are you accusing me of telling a lie? That seems pretty inappropriate.

I am not accusing you of anything.
I would like to tell you only that is hard to believe in that without proper source.

Shrug. Your choice. I was looking at the data yesterday, so I know what is true.

Payment organizations (e.g. Visa and MasterCard) use DCC even if there is a correspondence between the currency of the card and the currency of payment in case the card is issued in a country with different currency …