EUR account top up - where is my money?



I topped up my EUR account by a bank transfer on the amount 10k EUR. It was few days ago, still no money at Revolut account. What is going on? I did the same transfer (but on much less amount) before and worked ok.

I was trying to solve it via support, but it’s so damn useless, I’d rather ask here.


10K? Seriously? This is way too risky until everything settles down with those new IBANS.


I know, my bad, but come on - the money couldn’t go missing, right? Also what’s the issue with new IBANS?


There are some issues with banks not being able to update their systems to support new IBANS. They are like your address and if post office doesn’t have it you can’t get your mail.

I’d like to think that your money will bounce back or maybe eventually get deposited, but i have no way to be sure.


I got the same problem I send 10€ to the new EUR IBAN last week at the 19.07 but until now no money im waiting currently in the support queue to ask them.


Ok, but I did the exact same transfer before (on 1.5k EUR) and everything went smoothly.

Well the money HAS TO be somewhere stuck, right?


They might have different risk management / money laundering prevention methods depending on the amount. I would contact support and maybe provide further documents in case the amount did not come from an account in your name.


Yep, that’s what I think too. Anyways, contacted support and waiting for the answer. This really takes some time…


10 or above 10k Revolut requires manual verification of the source of the funds so it possibly already arrived they just need some extra info about the transfer. Next time try to split this up in smaller amounts.


How can I provide this info? Support is not responding


You need the support to approve your documents anyway. Reaching out to them on Twitter / Facebook might speed things up. What I would do is provide a bank statement with your name/address and the outgoing payment via support chat and explain everything. This way, they can hopefully solve your problem without getting back to you once they’re dealing with your support inquiry.

Despite being named “chat”, I would not treat it as a conversation channel but more like a one way letter box. That might solve the catch 22 situation, where support is not available when the customer is waiting for it and then the customer not being available when support finally gets back to the customer.


Thanks guys. The money just hit my account, so all good


I just wrote with the support and they forwarded my problem to the team that is searching missing transactions. I have to write the support tomorrow again if the money does not hits my account until then.