EUR account is simply unusable (unsuitable BIC )

I just tried to make a money transfer from my European account to my Revolut EUR account (which carries a Lithuanian IBAN…). I was unable to make this transfer because my bank told me that the “Lithuanian” IBAN was unsuitably linked to a “British” BIC (which is REVOGB21).

Please do not say that the problem comes from my European Bank: if you advertise that people can take benefit from having a EUR account from Revolut…that should simply work. Unfortunately I can see that it does not.



Sorry to hear that, please reach out to us on chat with your banks name and their suggested BIC. We can certainly look into this.

Hey! I’m having the same problem when trying to use my new individual account in EUR: my bank says thay the IBAN and BIC don’t match. Can I still use the old bank details to top up?

There was a tip coming in on this forum to use the Bic: REVOGB21XXX

I tried it and it worked for me from swedish SEB to revolut, the day after the EUR was transfered to my revolut account.


Some old banks seem to have a problem with the EU Single Banking License. :wink:

Thanks! Yeah, it worked for me as well! :slight_smile:

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Same error for me also, my online banking app saying that the combination of IBAN and BIC is not valid. In my online banking app I don’t have an option to insert BIC (it’s inserted automatically).
Same question as MelisaM_169: can I still use the old way for transferring money, i.e. to th GB account with my reference number?

Same problem over here, with french bank. :confused:

Same issue here in Greece with most of Greek Banks. The BIC Number, the IBAN number and country should much.
Had to change on older method in order to be able to top up.

I have this issue as well. I can’t transfer to an EUR account where IBAN is LT and BIC is GB. It used to work well when both were GB and you had no personal account number, but I’m not sure this method is still available.

Sometimes REVOGB21XXX works


Same problem here for French FORTUNEO Banque , registering my personnal IBAN and BIC to make a personnal transfer is simply impossible , contacted support through Chat 1 week ago , told me that they would investigate but problem still there…

Hello All!
From Spain and Banco Popular I have the same problem, My Bank does not recognice the Bic Code that is in my APP.
What can we do?

Hey! I’m having the same problem… What do you mean by REVOGB21XXX? It is my first time using the Revolut account… Thank you in advance!!

Revolut in app says BIC REVOGB21 right? Well the tip was to fill the bic out with XXX, resulting in the BIC REVOGB21XXX instead. This worked for me.


Ok, simple as that :slight_smile: I just tried and it didnt work for me :confused:

Strange, your bank won’t accept the bic? If it’s a sepa transfer in euro the bic shouldn’t even be needed.

When i input my revolut iban at i get the bic REVOGB21XXX as a result so it should be correct.

It keeps telling me that the BIC/SWIFT cannot be identified for the IBAN that i filled in…

I also created a favorite beneficiary, filling in the BIC with the XXX, and it fills in automatically the address and name of the UK bank. When I choose this beneficiary to transfer the money, it returns the same error.

Same problem - I transferred 100 Euros from my Giro in Austria to my Revolut in Eur - the money was returned to the Giro after deducting 6,62 Euros Fees!!!

Some problem at a portuguese bank (BIG). Can’t transfer money from a regular bank account.
BIC is not recognized, even adding the “XXX” at the end.