EUR Account and German ATM, the withdrawal was converted from GBP to EUR?


Hey beautiful people,

Sorry for asking a stupid question.

I was using my Revolut card first time today. I activated my card by purchasing a train ticket, so far so good. Later, I went to an ATM, the withdrawal was converted from GBP to EUR. My account is in EUR and I don’t get why there was an exchange rate involved. Did I do something wrong?




Did ATM asked any question about withdrawing with conversion or without conversion?


There was one button to cancel the transaction and one to confirm it.The point I don’t get, why was there no option to be paid out in EUR without any exchange rate? Is related to the Euonet ATM I used?

Thank you in advance.


I can’t really help on the topic, but from my experience ATMs of “Sparkasse”, which are also very densely spread, should either offer de-selectable DCC without trickery or none at all, without fees.

At least I had no problems with them with Revolut VISA yet (living in Germany). :tipping_hand_woman:


Cool, so next time I will try out a German bank! Thanks mate.


If it was an Euronet ATM, they are a little bit tricky. You have to deny the DCC two times. It is possible, but you have to read the text on the display very carefully. Sparkasse and Volksbank works fine for me.
Here is what Revolut recommends:


Using Euronet be careful, especially with MasterCard. For sure in Poland, and AFAIK in Germany (at least) they have introduced surcharge (visible during operation)


Isn’t it funny that I have to follow guidelines for withdrawing money:D. Thank you so much, you guys rock!


Euronet is a special case I guess, as @redi said: Euronet Romania ATM - No choice to withdraw EURO without their exchange "shitty" rate

I use ING and Sparda-Bank ATMs around the corner. I had problems with an reisebank ATM at Essen Main Station. They did’t offer a button to deny DCC. I would have been charged in GBP with reisebank rates. I cancelled.

ATMs are a pain in the ass.


cash is a pain in der Ars*h


Quick update, I tried Volksbank, the VISAcard was recognized as foreign card BUT no exchange rates involved. The payout was processed in EUR.