EU Payment Services Directive


Hi All,

I’m sorry if this has been covered, does anyone know what Revolut will be doing with the incoming changes in charging for Credit Cards - currently a 1% fee.

I would expect them to stop accepting if they have to pay an extra 0.5% compared to debit cards therefore potentially making a loss on credit card topups.

Obviously we don’t want them to be classed as cash advances as the costs can be high and affect peoples credit ratings.




Revolut adds fees to Credit and commercial card top-ups, as well as cards issued outside of the EEA


There is no fee for consumer credit and debit cards issued within the EU.


Not now. But it used to be 1% for credit cards as well as business cards.


That’s nice. But there are still fees for cards outside of the EEA. For one of my cards it’s 1.8%. Kind of steep.