EU national but non-resident


I am resident of Saudi Arabia where Revolut is not yet available.
Nevertheless as an EU citizen frequently travelling to Europe I would like to open a Revolut account and to top it up with USD.
Is there a way to open an account?


Only if you have residency documentation for an EEA country I believe. So your passport and home address for whatever country you’re a citizen of should be fine.

Yes, I have a french passport but residence in KSA and would like to open a Revolut account and top it up with USD sent from my Saudi account. How does it work?

From my understanding the eligibility criteria is not based off of nationality, but resdifency.

eg. A non-UK/EU individual with residency can sign up for a Revolut account, whereas a UK/EU national permanently living in Brazil, for example, cannot.

This is what I understand but I though it is more an issue with the approved currencies and since I do not intend to use this account with the Saudi currency but only with US Dollars to top it up I am wondering if there is not a way around.

Presently it is impossible for me to contact Revolut directly so I hoped that one of their representatives would make a reply here.

Talk to @anon33247966. He’ll be able to assist you in this matter.

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I can apparently not talk to or message that member directly.

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Dephibio has @ed @anon33247966 so Andreas should be here soon to help clarify your eligibility for a :r: account.

Hopefully. Waiting for @anon33247966 reply here.

No reply sofar from @anon33247966

However, he will answer. But it can not reasonably be expected that @anon33247966 will be available 25 hours a day and 8 days a week. :wink:


Hi @philippulus

Thank you for your interest.

The guys above are right :slight_smile: Our services are only available to legal residents in the EEA.

Do you have a French valid address, apart from a French passport?


Andreas K.

@anon33247966 No, I don’t

Hi Andreas
I am British, resident in Singapore, but do have a London address (still in the EU for a few months!). Would revolut work for me just with an address, and no tax residence in the EU/EEA?

Dear Andreas. @anon33247966
I have a Hungarian passport and permanent residency ( permanent permit ) in the Czech Republic.
I would like to start using Revolut as a primary bank account as I am traveling a lot.
But what will be the consequences if I move at the end of the year to UAE for 3-year contract and become a UAE tax resident, it is mean that I will receive the funds from my UAE bank account.
In the EU I will remain the only correspondence address.
Best regards,

Hi @anon33247966

Other banks in Europe offer a non-resident account type. For people with an address in the EU but with residency abroad. Can revolut offer the same deal? I would like to use revolut more, but I am afraid of getting the account blocked.

Hi There,

I am Expat Uk living in Belgium, My bank account is being closed, I have pension plans to be paid, does Revolut support this?