eSIM worldwide data plans – thoughts? 📱

From the website:

No WiFi? No problem. Set your eSIM up once in-app and top up anytime. With your eSIM connected, the Revolut app works without using up data — so if you’re all out, you can still top up.

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Didn’t see that’s

Thats good

Can you get a simcard without a plan?

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Hello @hup333 :wave: ,

eSIM services (provided by Revolut Ltd.) are currently available for all plans in Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Croatia, Cyprus, Czechia, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Ireland, Latvia, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Malta, Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Romania, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden, the United Kingdom. We’re working on launching this service in more countries, so keep an eye out if it’s not yet available in your area. :earth_americas:

To install eSIM, you’ll need to purchase a data plan first, which will decide how much data your eSIM comes loaded with. You can always add more data to your plan later, if you need it. To purchase a data plan, search eSIM in your Revolut app and choose the country you need an eSIM for. Then, you’ll see the data plan options available to you. Once you’ve purchased your data plan, we’ll prepare your eSIM and let you know when it’s ready to be installed. For more details, you can check this FAQ link - How do I install my Revolut eSIM? :arrow_backward:

Hope this helps. :pray:

SG | Community Team

Yes that’s was my point

Lets say i take a flight tomorrow
Land in, Ghana, Tanzania, or some other country

I forgot to pay for Revolut Esim, and i dont have the sim already

Now i have to find a wifi network, with free internet
Or pay to be able to get the Revolut Sim

Since the Revolut app dosent use data
( your eSIM connected, the Revolut app works without using up data — so if you’re all out, you can still top up.)
Give all user 1 megabyte for free

Add some offline function to the revolut, so all user can get the esim

I see that would probably not be an option
Another idea, let all user add a free esim, that are ready for usage
And the Revolut app, doesn’t usage data

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Thank you for sharing your feedback with us @hup333. I will pass it on to our relevant team for further consideration. Stay tuned for the updates. :rocket:

SG | Community Team

I just checked with my provider
It cheaper to just pay by megabyte up to 10 gigabyte
I have to buy 20 gigabyte upfront, for Revolut to be cheaper (Romania)
5 gigabyte for Poland are cheaper with Revbolut

If you have roaming included, that would probely be cheaper
For other country, or for longer travel, like 30 days+ (Where my provider will block roaming)
Then Revolut would be a good option
Or some country, buy a local sim from a local shop, like Turkey

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If i am traveling in Japan, and have bought Japan data
And i fly to Taiwan
And i buy the Taiwan data, before leaving Japan
Just to its ready

Then the data shouldn’t be activated then i still in Japan
It should wait until the plan expires, or then i roam in Japan

If i buy Taiwan, Vietnam
Then it should start the date with Japan, then Taiwan, Vietnam, ETC

Personal · Lifestyle · eSIM · Managing your data plan
Can I buy multiple data plans?
You may have up to 15 active eSIM data plans at any time, however you may only use one plan at a time. eSIM data plans are exclusive to the device they were purchased on (you can’t use the data on another device).

You can purchase multiple eSIM data plans on one device, as well as separate eSIM data plans on multiple devices through the Revolut app.

If you’ve purchased more than one plan, each of them will show up on the eSIM page. Any active eSIM data plan will automatically connect when you’re in a country included in your plan.

Where you have multiple active plans, the most local plan has priority (country first, then region, then global). For example, if you have an existing plan for both France and Europe, and you consume data through your eSIM in France, you’ll use your allowance from your France plan first.

Where you have an existing eSIM data plan for the same countries/regions included in your new plan, activation of your new plan is delayed until the previous plan expires (validity period ends or data allowance runs out).

For example, if you have an existing plan in France and purchase a new plan in France, your new French plan will only activate once your existing French plan expires.

Should data from your active plan run out, it’ll move from the ‘active plans’ screen to ‘expired plans’, and the app will switch you to your next plan automatically.

Currently, you can’t buy multiple data plans during a single checkout. But you can return to buy another plan ‌immediately after, following the same process as before.

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One of the cheapest options is Airalo.

Hey, have you tried an eSIM? Get US$3 off your first eSIM data pack from Airalo. Use code NUNO697 when you sign up or apply it at checkout.

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How is this cheap?

US: 3GB, 11 USD vs. 10 EUR
JP: 3GB, 8,50 USD vs. 7,50 EUR

Revolut’s option is slightly cheaper in both examples.


I understand, but bot all Revolut customers have Revolut eSIM services available eg: Portugal
They are still rolling out this service.