eSIM worldwide data plans – thoughts? 📱

Now that Revolut started rolling out mobile data plans in some areas, I’ll start with a feature request:

A widget for the Home page that shows used/available data for the plan.

Edit: changed the category so that users can vote for it.


These plans are fairly expensive in comparison to what can be obtained in the UK (my O2 plan allows me to use my 250gb data allowance unrestricted across the EU for no cost). I pay £13.75 for that sim.

Others allow up to 40gb of roaming data for around £15-20 depending where you look.

And seemingly, the network it hangs to is O2 here in the UK.


Well, yes. EEA roaming is cheaper. My European contract has UK still included in the plan, as well as Switzerland and Iceland. I am not paying extra for roaming here at all.

Where it is more competitive is when you’re looking at North America for example. I used to book a T-Mobile prepaid eSIM for that. 35 USD for 10 GBP per month or 45 USD „unlimited“ for example.


My sim includes the travel inclusive so Canada and USA come in too, great deal.

But yeah I see your point, guess it depends where you’re from and the deals you have access to.


Since some family members have Three plans, I thought I might recommend them O2. I checked the O2 website:

The 250 GB plan for 26 GBP isn’t offered to me with the Plus roaming option. The plan covering all the services that you listed seems to be Unlimited with the Plus option for 32.99 per month for new customers.

Seems like you’ve got a legacy plan or special promotion or something?

This made me wonder how much of unrestricted 5G data you would actually get: „No upper use limit on data but traffic management steps will apply.“

Seems like there’s a 25 GB cap in Europe for roaming as described here%3B) — which is still a good deal.

For „Travel inclusive“, roaming in other areas outside Europe, this seems to apply: „There’s no fixed data allowance with O2 Travel, so to manage traffic (including audio and video streaming) we limit the service to 2Mbps​.“ Are these the correct details for Plus roaming? I wasn’t able to dig up anything else.

I can see why people might want more flexibility. The T-Mobile tariffs I mentioned are unrestricted 5G speed for example. 2Mbps is 3G speed. That’s sloooow. Revolut’s eSIM reached 41Mbps in a quick test that I just run. 20 times faster.


Sounds about right, my plan was 125gb doubled to 250 with volt (having virgin media at the time), and 25% off with O2 Open which brought the price down.

Roaming in the EU wasn’t restricted but I’m yet to try it outside of there, someone said it can be traffic shaped to 5mbps so unsure if it was 2, and now 5, which for my use would be fine anyway (if it’s implemented) as it’s sufficient for most browsing.

TalkHome was the most roaming data I think at 40gb, can usually grab those really cheap for EU roaming on MoneySavingExpert or uswitch.


My European plan still includes UK for roaming, so is cheaper than the Revolut eSIM.
I have seen a lot of talk elsewhere about the cost of the data, but I think the point to bear in mind is this isn’t intended for use in your home country or a replacement for your regular plan - it’s a travel product.

In Ireland, we don’t have a huge amount of choice when travelling outside the EU for data plans.
There is GoMo World, the plans are virtually identical to the Revolut plans though marginally cheaper, so it’s possible 1GLOBAL is the provider for both.
Of course, you could also find an eSIM provider on line, but might be a bit more risky / more hassle depending on who you land with.

I will take the Revolut plan for a test run when I am in North America next month.
It is a couple of € difference to GoMo World, but the convenience of having it in one app wins for me here :+1:

I also like the idea that you can still access the Revolut app, and therefore top-up data if the plan expires.

BTW, I notice in the UK for me, the eSIM connects to Vodafone, not O2


I miss the days of Three’s ‘roam like home’ when I lived in the UK - and covered much of the world at no extra charge.
Now that was a great product :joy:


It was, but also some serious throttling at least in some regions, similar to what O2 seems to be doing now.


I voted for this as I think if somebody buys an eSIM, they should be able to see what they have used and/or have left to use.
I also understand the sentiment others voiced, my Vodafone UK plan includes free roaming in 83 countries, no traffic management for the first 25GB. I very rarely go over 10GB a month, so not a product for me.


Wow! We are receiving lots of feedback about eSIM. Please keep them coming so we can pass them along to our team and improve our product. Thank you all so much for your help! :r:

SG | Community Team

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Here’s some feedback:

I used T-Mobile’s eSIM offering for the US a couple times in the past. T-Mobile offers an app that users can install on their phones and then book a plan before travelling to the US. The app is designed for US residents, but tourists can use it, with some workarounds. T-Mobile allocates a phone number, and to know the area code, tourists have to use a fake address, for example. This is acceptable since it’s not the billing address, it’s just for the purpose of allocating a phone number. The plan itself can be purchased with non-US cards. Something Three in the UK does not allow.

Compared to T-Mobile’s app, installing the eSIM with Revolut is a little bit easier. A plus is that Revolut provides invoices for booked plans. That’s sometimes annoying with other providers. They are designed for tourists. Filing the costs for business purposes is sometimes frustrating.


Awesome, I didn’t know about this. I would really like to switch from O2 to Revolut if it would include 5G and reasonable data flats.

World Wide Internet sounds a bit nicer than Europe only.

Will this come to Germany?


It’s available in Germany. Check the FAQ articles for details.

(It’s not a phone plan. You won’t get a phone number. It’s a travel data plan.)


Awesome, I’ll use that next time I go to Chile


Three payg sims still include roam like home, so a fair bargain for roaming with good data.


It seems “roam like at home” with 1pmobile covers mainly Europe and not much else.


It’s been a wild ride since leaving the EU for networks here, pure greed to be fair.


I tried the 100 MB for free of course, since I was interested in trying an eSim :slight_smile:
I did have to manually enter the APN name in Android settings ( or else I had no internet. This setting is not on the Revolut FAQ, but should be. I found this Googling around (and knowing I needed to enter the APN when I saw it was empty).
Running an up-to-date Xiaomi 12T Pro, Android 14.

Otherwise, it worked fine. It’s only interesting when going to the USA or outside the EU at least. Then the prices are great and competitive - yes, searching around for several hours online or going to a phone shop in the USA you might be able to save a (very) few dollars, but this eSim from Revolut saves you a lot of hassle! So great if you travel outside the EU every now and then. At least if you live in the EU of course. If you’re from the UK, then it’s the other way around obviously :slight_smile:

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Please add Georgia

Add the option to preorder a plan, then arrive in the country it works
Not all airport has free wifi, example

Some country are fairly priced, Japan, Vietnam, Turkey, Poland, Portugal
Romania, Italy, Spain, are on the more expensive side

Add the option to activate the esim before hand, now you have to buy the plan and activate it
If you have activated the introoffers, you already have the sim

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