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I got a temporary „ad“ for the eSIM data widget on the eSIM page in the app. I was stupid enough to dismiss it and now I can’t find how to get that widget again. It’s not available when I look in the iOS widget list :man_shrugging:

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does [this help reference] answer your question?

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Hello @gpoul :wave: ,

Welcome back to our Community. We get that you’re searching for the eSIM feature in your app. :slightly_smiling_face:

To access eSIM on the Revolut app, go to the bottom bar and choose Lifestyle, then tap on eSIM. Be sure to purchase a data plan beforehand to specify the initial data on your eSIM. If you need more data, you can easily add it to your plan later.

Easily purchase a data plan with Revolut:

  • Go to ‘eSIM’ and access data plan selection
  • Pick a coverage — go with local for single-country coverage, or select regional or global for coverage across multiple countries.
  • Select the amount of data you need
  • Proceed to the checkout and buy your data plan. (prices vary per plan and plan duration)
  • If this is your initial eSIM purchase, we will get your eSIM ready and you will have to install it to access your data.
  • Data plans are valid from the date of purchase or when your eSIM is ready for installation, in case it’s your first time buying.

Once you’ve made the purchase for your data plan, we’ll take care of setting up your eSIM and notify you as soon as it’s prepared for installation. To install your eSIM:

  1. Go to ‘eSIM’ section in Revolut app
  2. Follow the steps

To set up an eSIM on iOS, just tap on the ‘Install’ button located on the eSIM page. To get your data plan up and running, simply choose the Revolut eSIM for data roaming in your device settings:

  1. Open Settings and select Mobile Service
  2. Under SIMs, select your newly installed eSIM (your device may automatically name your eSIM, but it won’t be your Primary SIM)
  3. Toggle on Turn On This Line and then toggle on Data roaming on the same page
  4. Go back to the previous Mobile Service page
  5. Tap on Mobile Data and select the eSIM

Hope this helps! Feel free to get in touch if you need more information. :pray:

SG | Community Team