Error with cash transaction



I had a question about my latest cash transaction. I have taken out 640 brazilian reals (worth approximately £154) at a cash machine in a hotel in Brazil…however when I checked the transaction this morning in my Revolut app I can see that the amount was converted from £ into US dollars and not in Brazilian reals and I have been charged £204 and not £154!? I have only £ in my revolut account…

This is clearly a mistake so please advise what I can do now… I have also taken a picture of the receipt showing that I have in fact taken out 640 Brazilian reals…Regards


(I have tried using the app online support with no reply…)


(For some odd reason the app thinks I have taken out US $261…very strange indeed…) but now I have lost around £50 due to this mistake!


Hi! When at the ATM, did you make sure to choose a checking/savings account? Also, did it prompt you to choose with or without conversion? :slight_smile:


Hi, yes I chose my checking account and it did not ask me anything about a conversion…


No reply from the online app support…


Have you tried reaching them on Twitter (@RevolutApp) or on Facebook: ? :slight_smile:


No not yet; I’ll give them another day and try their FB or twitter…you’d think they’d be better at replying to their in-app support chat…oh well!


Yeah… They’re currently working on fixing it! :wink:


They finally replied and said it is because I have chosen the wrong option at the ATM when asked whether I wanted to choose with or without conversion…the things is, the ATM never asked me that question…
The next day I actually used another card (VISA) at the same ATM to take out the same amount of cash and this time everything was fine…clearly an issue with Revolut…
I’ve replied on the in-app support chat but it will probably take another day to get a reply…

(Sorry about the English)


Still no resolution to this issue - revolut simply said that the ATM charged the transaction in USD and applied its own rate…great…I feel like I was robbed…of around £50 actually. Not a great start using revolut!


Yet another disappointing reply from revolut saying that there is nothing they can do as they believe I have accepted the rate provided by the ATM…

Do they really believe I would have accepted a rate that would have left me £40 worse off on a transaction worth around £160…this is a joke. Furthermore I went trough the exact same process on my VISA card at the same ATM and got charged the correct amount…

If revolut are so quick to blame their customers for things that didn’t really happen and can’t help in any other way then I’m sorry but they have lost a customer and I will seek compensation elsewhere…