Error whle getting PIN


I have issues with my PIN.
I have tried to reset PIN using ATM but it would not recognise any change and i’m now locked out.
Reached out on Twitter and @AndreasK is “in touch with the tech team” to try and sort the issue.

It’s now been 4 days since i reached out and issue is not resolved. As its now Saturday i’m guessing that nothing will now happed untill next week.
Trying to raise support in App is a waste of time. Trying to go through Twitter is slow as by the time i pick up my messages of an evening support has closed.

Looking through this forum and other social media it is clear that there are major issues with Revolut and I am rapidly losing confidence.


Hi @Powie,

That’s right I have personally escalated your case to the tech, but unfortunately, I haven’t received an update yet.

Apologies for any inconvenience caused. Please order a new card and let me know to refund you the cost.


Andreas K.