Error Vaults

Vaults error. I made purchase for 5 € today. I got 1 € to my Vaults acount, but my acount was charged for 6€ and not for 5€!!! So far everything was fine and corect. What is wrong with sydtem? Is it any error on system? Thanks for replay. Marko

Integer are rounded up to the next integer.

So instead of paying 5€, Revolut rounded it up to 6€ and put 1€ in your vault.

I do not understand. Is it not so that the difference to the whole amount is rounded to 1 €, which goes to the vaults given by the Revolut?

When did I first do it, if I remember correctly, I was only grinding the amount of the purchase and not the amount that was surnamed to the vaults? thanks for the reply

Does this mean that the amount for the vaults does not give the revolt, but is charged from my account? thank you once for clarification!

What is not clear about? You purchased something for 5 euro and 1 euro got added to your vault. That is 6 euro.


I thought that the amount that goes to the Vaults is a bonus (money) given by the Revolt but as I see now the amount that goes to the vaults is charged from my account. I am right?

Yes. It is NOT a bonus given by Revolut.

It works like this. If you buy something for 3.6gbp then you will be charged 4gbp and the 0.4gbp will be moved to a Vault.


Vaults are not miraculous money makers :wink:

You can use them to save your own money. Otherwise I’d create Revolut accounts by the minute at this point :wink: