Error occurred during top-up - Polish debit card

I tried to top-up by Polish debit card (200 PLN). During this process an error occurred. Money was not added to my Revolut account, but it was taken from my debit card.
What can I do?

I think you can top up normally only in base currency like euros/gbp ,and to deposit polish zloty i think you needed to do bank transfer direct to zloty account (don’t forget reference number)
Correct me please if i’m wrong :slight_smile:

You’re wrong. PLN was in a group of first 5 currencies which can be fully used in revolut.
I do it without any problem. @umbaumba Could you describe the error?

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I cannot see this attempt, could you please retry? @redi is right :slight_smile:

Problem solved. The money came 30 min later.