Error Log in app


I m new with revolut card and account. I installed Revolut on my phone from Malaysia and I request the card to my country. I know the card is at home yet and I wanted to send money to a collegue who is using Reovult from time ago. From I went to Thailand for a weekend, I cannot log in to the app. This message is shown always “We`re sorry, something has gone wrong. Please try later”. I have tried uninstall and install again the app but the problem still happen. What can I do? Please, I need an answer, I already top up money on the card… @AndreasK @jessicaszabla, need help to unlock!

Thnk u very much in advance!



Does the message still appear? It is known issue. Just give it a next try in some time later.


Hello, the message still appear, from more than 10 days…


Really sorry for that. I had similar problems a few times but it past away in some time.
Maybe you can try to delete app data (it can work at least on Android)

BTW. I’m confused a little bit. You are writing that you have installed the app using Malaysian phone but there is not Malaysia in FAQ:

So the only way IMHO is contact with support. I suggest Twitter or Facebook.


Hi Ana.

Are you trying to log in with the phone number used to sign up, right?


Of course, i am trying with the correct phone number.
I dont know if you have some customer service where they can check the status. I have already receive the card and i was using the app for consulting purposes untill this problem.
I wait for your answer.

Thnk u


Can you please send me a direct message with your phone number associated with your account?


My app in mobile closes every time when I try to verify my account. My card is declined and cant use it or send my money, I cant do anything because of verify my account. could you do it manually somehow?.


Hello Andreas,
Do u mean a SMS? Tell me the number…


No, can you reach me via a private message please?