Error in terms and conditions - meaning of "midnight"

I’ve spotted an error in the latest terms and conditions.

Paragraph 17 states “We add a percentage mark-up if … you tell us to make a conversion outside foreign-exchange-market hours. A conversion will be outside foreign-exchange-market hours if it’s between midnight on a Friday and midnight on a Sunday (UK time)”.

Midnight is 00:00. The day starts at midnight. Therefore this week, midnight on Friday is 31/05/2019 00:00 and midnight on Sunday is 02/06/2019 00:00. Based on this wording, a mark-up will be applied all day on Friday and Saturday, not on Sunday. Of course, we know that the mark-up is applied at the weekend, all day on Saturday and Sunday. Therefore the text should read “between midnight on a Saturday and midnight on a Monday (UK time)”.

Revolut couldn’t argue that its own interpretation of this wording applies, because based on the legal doctrine of contra proferentem, any ambiguity in terms and conditions is automatically interpreted in the author’s disfavour and in favour of the other party. Therefore because of this error in the terms and conditions, a customer would have reasonable grounds to complain if a markup is applied on Sundays. Revolut ought to fix this.


ISO 8601 defines midnight as being 00:00 for the start of the day and 24:00 for the end of the day :wink:

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