Error for EUR Bank Transfer

I am trying to send a EUR payment to a bank account in Ireland.
The IBAN and SWIFT have been entered (I believe correctly!) but when go through the transfer steps the “Send” button is not activated and I can’t send the payment.

Please advise.

Hard to say… Usually it means that you’ve entered invalid data… Does provided IBAN contain 22 signs in order: IENN AAAA NNNN NNNN NNNN NN (IE means Ireland, N- number, A- letter)?

Thanks for the response.
The IBAN is in that format but unfortunately it’s still not allowing me to send the transfer. I’ve double and triple checked the details so doesn’t look like there’s anything wrong on that front.

I also tried getting hold of reolut help desk earlier during the working hours but had no response!

Quite frustrating!

Have you activated your EUR IBAN ?

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Thanks - how do I activate the EUR IBAN? Is this something that needs to be done in Revolut app? I’m trying to pay a company rather than myself.

Yes on app.
Top left corner you got button for your accounts.
Select euro currency and just activate it :wink:

I’ve now activated the account but it’s still not allowing me to make a transfer!! Is the activation only used to receive a payment?

Any other suggestions welcome!!

There is a mimnimum amout for outgoing transfers. I believe it’s 1 GBP or equivalent in other currencies.

I have the same problem, the button to do the bank transfer is disabled and doesn’t work. Is there a minimum for outgoing transfers? Because the application does not give me error like the error in Top Up recharge(that the min is 10).

I believe the minimum is 2 EUR.

Hi all - this problem was resolved this morning.
I assume Revolut takes a couple of days to activate the IBAN that you’re transferring to. Not ideal for immediate payments but fine if you’re aware! Hope that helps any one else!!

Thats strange. I definitely did my first transfer directly after adding a new IBAN.